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Ok.. some of these may not work... if you find a broken link.. mail me at and I will fix it. Thanks :)


Soundsystem background
Transistor background
Alien background
Logo/fire background


311 weave
Neat logo
311 alien drawing
Red, black and white logo made of squares
Small green one
larger version of the one above
Ani- 311 in an eye
Red logo w/a black background
311 in circles
cool 311 alien
Red logo
Um.. a mix with logo-alien-transistor check it out
neat 311 logo
Red & black
311 burnin on a potleaf
inside of Music album
Unity alien
Blue and Gray
Blue alien
Ani-neon logo
Blue and Yellow
Airbrushed looking 1
Purple and blue
logo w/triangles behind it
Logo with guys in bg
Red tripn
Alien skin
Enlarged to show detail logo
3-eleven like 7-eleven
Green smoke
No Control TV
311 ball
Lime green
rainbow logo
Cool light blue glowing logo
Black with a white background
hmmm i can't describe this one..
reddish logo
Cool flashing logo
Blue and white
Gold logo
Silver logo with stars around it
Logo with a green starburst type thing behind it
ani- alien with starz circling it
Glowy blue logo
Light shinin' on a logo
Stars and stripes logo
Fiery with a white backgound
Red Outline
Embossed Blue
blue waffle
green waffle
purple waffle
red waffle
Blue textured
icy logo in the sky
logo with lines through it
Cool logo... kinda big though
Red logo with black and white bg
animated sound system logo
black and white soundsystem logo
Can't explain it..
Wavy logo
311 spiral